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You're thinking your business could use some publicity, but you've never worked with a public relations agency and you're just not sure how it works. I can't tell you how all agencies work, but I can tell you how we work. When I launched the … [Read More]

Three great PR tactics that don’t involve media

Too often when people say public relations they mean media relations. Dealing with the media is a big part of our job to be sure. We need to build relationships with editors, reporters, broadcasters and bloggers over time in order to earn positive … [Read More]

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The story appeared in the front section of the Saturday Free Press

PR creates surge in demand for new pet product

When Kane Biotech needed help launching a ground-breaking new pet dental care product, it turned to … [Read More]

Composites World Weekly was one of several prominent industry trades to cover the story.

Omniglass SCT uses PR to rise from the ashes

When fire destroyed the Omniglass factory in early 2012, a lot of people wrote the company off for … [Read More]

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